Hiring the Best Hourly Workers

by mel kleiman & luis j. salazar · april, 2013

Hiring expert, Mel Kleiman, teams up with Jobaline CEO, Luis Salazar, to understand how the digital divide impacts your business, and what's stopping your managers from hiring the best hourly workers. [ coming soon! ]

Immigration & Entrepreneurship

by mel kleiman · april, 2013

Did you know that almost one third of America's entrepreneurs are immigrants? Stay tuned for this in depth look at the demographics that make up our hiring market. [ coming soon! ]

The ABCs of Hire Tough, Manage Easy

mel kleiman

Apple One's Staffing Newsletter · aug/sept 2009

Hire tough managers know exactly who they’re looking for and refuse to lower their standards. They cover all the bases – from A to Z – and create a win-win situation for employee and employer alike. [ download ]

Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Best People

mel kleiman · april, 2011

The Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Best People On Board & Motivated. [ download ]

How to Find & Recruit the Best Hourly Workers

by mel kleiman

Workforce Institute · april, 2011

Most employers are unsuccessful in their efforts to attract quality frontline workers in sufficient numbers and retain them long enough to realize a return on their investment. Because hourly employee turnover rates historically run from 70 to 120 percent per year in most industries, it’s easy to understand why their employers have wrongly come to assume that there is nothing they can do to control or mitigate the enormous drain on profitability caused by turnover. [ download ]

The Hourly Jobs Economy

Jobaline CEO, Luis J. Salazar, takes a look at the economics of the hourly employment industry in the US. [ coming soon! ]

Hispanic Hourly Workforce

View a status snapshot of the hourly workforce in the Hispanic segment of the United States. [ coming soon! ]

Interviewing 101: Besides job history, what are some of the most important questions to ask?

A big signal that you’ve got the right person: He or she has passion. Dig for that in interviews. If you can’t find the passion, the applicant fails the test. Ask about applicants’ achievements in life, in their careers, the moments they’re most proud of. What have they accomplished at work? What is the one accomplishment or the one achievement in life they are most proud of? And what were the challenges that make that achievement important?

you’ll discover that some people haven’t achieved anything. People who haven’t achieved something and don’t have something to be proud of aren’t going anywhere. They’re not going to grow. And most likely they’re not people you want to hire/

[ download ]

How Long Should an Interview Last?

As long as it takes for you to feel comfortable that you’ll make a sound decision. It could be five minutes; it could be two hours.

Hiring decisions are the most important decisions a manager makes. They can make or break that manager's career. They can make or break the company. If you hire the wrong person, your job becomes much more difficult, and it reflects poorly on you. If you hire the right person, your job gets that much easier, the job is fun, and everyone thinks you’re brilliant.

Mel Kleiman: Hiring & Retention Expert

As the onetime owner of three different businesses (including the largest group of Hertz Rent-A-Car franchise locations in the U.S.), Mel's expertise is based on his personal experience as a business owner as well as his extensive research and consulting work helping companies design successful employee recruiting, hiring, and retention programs.

Over the years, Mel's expertise has been called upon by companies and associaitons of every size and type including such well-known names as Harley-Davidson, CiCi's Pizza, Coca-Cola, Exxon Mobil, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and the Society for Human Resources Management.

The National Speaking Association awarded Mel the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional designation in 1999 and his diverse client roster includes franchise organizations like Applebee's, Kwik Copy and Jiffy Lube, corporate entities like Circle K, Cracker Barrel and Feather River Hospital, as well as professional and trade associations like the Indiana Grocery and Convenience Store assocation, the National Apartment Association, and the Texas Dairy Queen Owners & Operators Association. In his capacity as a speaker, Mel has delivered over 500 custom-designed presentations at corporate meetings, trade shows, and conferences worldwide.

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