Hey there. I’m Michelle.

Hi there! I’m Michelle.

You know that feeling of being just a little overwhelmed, slightly in-over-your-head, and at a stress level #9? I thrive on that. It’s the basis for a creative team, an energetic work environment, a start-up technology company. It’s the adrenaline you get from shipping incredible-looking products to a customer base that is hungry for new innovations.

Building Teams

I’ve been fortunate to be a part of a great team during a critical time in their lifecycle.  You can read the full details here, but a couple highlights include:

  • Defining the design process & organizational structure for large teams
  • Working cross-functionally with marketing, engineering, and sales to design & ship internal products
  • Collaborating with vendors to build value-add products for our clients
  • Building scalable departments, responsible for $12 million in annual revenue

But How?

One-on-one connections are essential to building trust, an environment of candor, and a culture where it’s okay to try new things. It’s remarkably easy to innovate great things together, when the team has a creative spirit and a drive to be exceptional. We keep our ears open and always remain a student of the industry. We surround ourselves with people that are intelligent, curious and driven. The rest is easy.

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