Sesame Mobile V1-V2.5

Imagine this:

It’s fall of 2010, iPhones are just starting to gain some serious market share, and you get a whiff that one of your competitors is going to release a mobile platform in the new year.  What do you do? Release yours faster, better, and to more people of course.

In its initial year, the Sesame Mobile product generated $346k in additional GAAP revenue for the department. This product focused on generating a mobile-optimized version of a client’s existing website, with pared down content to only give a mobile user the information pieces that were critical in their conversion decision.  By analyzing desktop site statistics and user behavior studies, we were able to offer a version of the client’s content-rich website that did not overwhelm in the mobile sphere.

Michelle’s Role: Ideation, Site Architecture, UI, UX, Data Analysis, Iterations & Upgrades, Webinars, Trade Shows